Digital Experiences

Provide guided-learning experiences in college access and STEM to help your students explore their potential and future pathways.

Digital Experiences

TGR EDU: College Blueprint

Self-Paced Module

Grades 9-12 | 30 min. seat time

Allow students to take a virtual campus tour to learn about the college admissions process — from exploration to acceptance to paying for college.


Financial Pur$uit
Self-Paced Module

Grades 9-12 | 40 min. seat time

Learn how to make paying for college a reality. With loans, grants and scholarships available, financing to afford college is just a matter of dollars and sense.

Following Nature's Lead

Digital Exploration

Grades 6-8 | 20 min. seat time

Students will explore biomimicry and innovation through the underseas world of Marine Biology with a digital exploration on squid dissection.